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Region: Eastern Europe & Central Asia
Official name: NGO 'Hamsol be Hamsol' (Y-PEER Tajikistan)
History: Y-PEER Tajikistan was initiated by UNFPA in Tajikistan in 2007 and was registered as NGO in April 2012. So far Y-PEER Tajikistan has been.
Webpage: N/A

Contact details: 112, Rudaki Avenue, 734000, Dushanbe, Tajikistan; +992-93-540-3353; ypeer.tajikistan@gmail.org.

Focal point in charge

Focal point in charge

Full Name: Mekhrubon Pulodi

Short Bio: Ms. Pulodi joined Y-PEER Tajikistan in 2013 and throughout this years had grown as a young advocate in SRH field and humanitarian issues in the region. She had been actively participating in the development of the network and led the network to be involved in the Post-2015 agenda and SDGs implementation in Tajikistan. Since June 2015 she is elected as FPC of Y-PEER Tajikistan and replaced the previous FPC who became International Coordinator. She is a journalist according her major and graduated from Russian-Tajik Slavonic University in 2016.
Contact details: +992-93-579-36-04; 

News of Y-PEER Tajikistan

Cosmetic repair of office Y-PEER Tajikistan Cosmetic repair of office Y-PEER Tajikistan

Today, thanks to the active and fruitful work of volunteers Ypeer directly under the supervision of the Director of Public Association "Peer", and with the support of UNFPA was made redecorating our office.

Y-PEER discussion club Y-PEER discussion club

Hey Folks, warmest greetings ! Y-PEER Tajikistan has launched the primary sessions of Y-PEER discussion club! The Y-PEER Discussion Club is formally intending to serve as the unalterable, fundamental platform for young generation to sophisticate their leadership skills , to be heard and elucidate their basic core messages to the modern world

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UNICEF globally announces: Applications for the next round of Voices of Youth blogging internships are now open!
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