Y-PEER Kazakhstan

Detailed information

Region: EECA

Official name: Y-PEER Kazakhstan 

History: The Y-PEER Kazakhstan network was launched in 2007, in Shymkent city by the association of business women in Kazakhstan. Currently network is functioning as an initiative group. The network is functioning in 10 cities. More than 25000 people were educated by peer methods and 27 FPC had invested to the development of network by this time.

Webpage: www.y-peer.kz 

Social media pages:

Focal point in charge

Focal point in charge

Full Name: Alen Kuspanov

Short Bio: During the internship at the UN Office, I learned about the Y-PEER network and joined it. I gained a lot of knowledge about sexual reproductive health, the ability to easily behave on stage, as well as theatrical skill. The main thing is the approach by interesting games and the transfer of knowledge from peer to peer.

Contact details: kazakhstan@y-peer.org, +7-701-788-96-98

News of Y-PEER Kazakhstan

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